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Rock Your Phone Acquired by Cydia (SaurikIT), World’s Largest Independent iOS App Store Created.

Sales have moved to Cydia!

Want to purchase a Product? Simply open Cydia and purchase in Cydia!
After 18 months in the iOS Jailbreak scene Rock has been acquired by SaurikIT (makers of Cydia) and over the next few days we will be moving all products/users/licenses over to Cydia Store.
Licenses transferring to Cydia Store
We have worked hard together with SaurikIT/Cydia to ensure a very smooth transition where all customers will retain their App licenses and be able to install them through Cydia at will.   If you already have a Cydia Store login, your licenses have already transferred. Those who do not have a Cydia Store login, simply use (or create) your Google Account/Facebook account to login to Cydia Store, and your licenses will transfer automatically.   If you’ve changed devices in the last day or two, don’t worry. You can simply type in your RockID and your licenses will transfer over.
Thank You for making us so successful!
For those of us at Rock, it has been an amazing journey (not to mention incredibly tiring - ha). Here are what we think are some incredible and interesting facts about Rock. For all of this we only have one person to thank and that’s you our customer. Without you all there would have been no Rock and we hope we have served you well and you have enjoyed the innovations we were able to bring to the world of jailbreaking.
Fun Rock Facts
    Number of Developers with apps listed in the Rock Store: 124 (from 19 countries)
    Unique iOS devices that installed Rock: 4.6 million (from 220 countries/territories) - Wow that is a lot of places!
    Registered Rock Users: 2+ million
    Number of App licenses sold: 500,000
    Users of who took the plunge and bought something: 280,000 (from 185 countries)
    Users who said screw it and installed a hacked version instead: 38 billion (please send us $1)
    Total Rock Your Phone Store Sales (March 12th, 2009 - September 2010): $3.3+ million
    Number of Rock Employees (we are using the word employee loosely here but, hey, it is our company): 9

Mario: Company founder and head developer (plus like 47 other jobs). Did you like the Rock desktop app? Hate it? It was his fault. Love how fast Rock is? His fault too.



Jaimie: Mario’s wife and the most powerful member of Rock. She paid all the developers every month. By the way if you wrote the #@#$ theme, she has been trying to pay you your 70 cents for 4 months.  


Glenn: Servers, Testing, Developer Handler, and Support (at least until March when he quit without telling anyone).   If you called Rock’s hotline, left a message, and didn’t get a call back – call Glenn at home to let him know how you feel. His phone # is …..


Melanie: Glenn’s wife. She puts up with Glenn and drags him out of bed M-F to go to his “real” job.  Trust me - this is a lot of work.



Tom: Current head of Support (saved Glenn’s life).  He was very excited about chatting with people from around the world while supporting users.  I think that excitement wore off after the 10 billionith email.   I'm sure if you send him an email and invite him to your home, he'll consider it on his world tour.



Jackie: Tom’s wife, she jumped in when he woke up in a cold sweat and was trying to answer support emails in his sleep.



Josh: Rock Legal Counsel. Someday he will tell us all how the DMCA jailbreak exemption got done! (Thank you EFF and Library of Congress too! J)


David (Planetbeing): Well – not an employee – but a contractor of Rock Your Phone.   Without his help, we would have never started Rock.   Here’s to all the Dev Team members, saurik, MuscleNerd, Cpich3g, Comex, et al, Geohot, posixninja, chronic, and everyone else involved with the jailbreak/community. Thanks for your hard work!


TommyLast but not least – the “Face” of Rock Your Phone (yes – that guy that was on the our homepage).   Oh – and he was the “voice” of Rock Your Phone too if you ever called our phone # (and Steph too!).   We can’t even tell you how many emails we got about who he was and what was his direct phone #. 



And thanks for hosting our app(s) in Cydia!

Here's a little (free) music from our friends at Pink Humpy. If you like Jack Johnson - you'll love Pink Humpy: 
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(Hey - if Steve Jobs can have his Cold Play - we'll have our Pink Humpy)

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